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    Concern about receiving payment  

by Paulo Felipe Noronha

Concern about payment

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This horary arose from an online consultation with a querent with whom I already had some previous acquaintance. She was concerned about a delay in receiving payment for an advertisement she had sold to the Prefecture of her former town. Specifically she wanted to know when she would be paid. The advertisement had been sold in January 2010, and she had expected to receive payment in February. However, the administrative agent who was supposed to forward the necessary documents was away on travels, and the period during which she should have received her payment had expired as a consequence. The Prefecture bought another ad to help compensate for their mistake, assuring her that she would be paid for both advertisements in March. But the department of the City Hall then ran out of contingency funds, and transferred all responsibility to the Mayor's office. It went on like this, until finally the necessary documents were arranged - but then the administration department would not accept the invoice she had submitted, asking for another one.

All of this messing about made the querent very distressed, and by the time she asked the question in April she was worried whether there would be any further delays, or even if she would receive the money at all, since she had her own personal debts, and was in need of receiving the money quickly.

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